Upto 25% Monthly Return (Principal Withdraw Anytime with No Fees)
Min/Max: 0.02 Btc / No Limit
Referral: 10% & 5% (Commissions on Referrals Earnings) & Ambassador Referral Commission: 3 Levels - 15%, 10% & 5% (Commissions on Referrals Earnings)
Withdrawal: Manual
Our Rating:
Users Rating:
Our Investment: $430.00
Payout Ratio: 0%
Last Payout: No Payouts
Added: Jan 7th, 2020
Monitored: 91 days
Lifetime: 94 days
I joined a new Piggy Bank Program. If you are following me from the past you might not have seen me joining Piggy banks. I will tell you how it is: I used to join a lot of piggy banks in the past which I mean is years ago where the profits used to be amazing and overall we could also keep on earning till the end, well that was my strategy at some intervals which gave me almost 200% to 300% profits even after my principal staying in. Lately piggy banks suffered a lot due to many fast scam projects which were run by inexperienced administrators. They drain the system for sure but there were many other factors affecting as well. I decided to stay away from them when things were going haywire, until now. It seems Piggy banks are coming back to the market and i have good feeling about the 2 new ones I joined, of course also digging in the past and checking out the probability of these new programs to sustain hence making it a profitable journey. I joined two piggy banks including this which are pointing me towards the right direction. Check out my next post as well. For people who don't know what piggy banks are: It's where you make an investment and gain daily profits with a certain percentage decided by the company until you decide to withdraw your principal. Every piggy bank is unique and have their own rules about interest, deposits and the fees incurred on the withdrawal of deposits. Some charge 5%, some do a 10% and some don't charge any fees on deposit withdrawal. This might give you a better understanding, for some who didn't feel free to send me a personal message. I saw this project at first but took almost 3 days to decide whether I need to get in. After all the thoughts I fought with I made myself understand I need to do some digging and make sure it is not a big risk. I invested a total of 0.05 Btc in the only plan they have. You can only use "Bitcoin" to invest. The website is very good in terms of smooth transition, it looks rich. I like that. You receive a certain daily percentage on your investment where the rate is not clear but one thing is clear that you will receive upto 25% monthly profits. You can also compound your investment and release your deposit partly or fully. Now, lets get to the best part of the project. You are not charged any fees for the withdrawal of your deposit. I love that and a smart move by the Admin as people won't be able to abuse the referral commissions in this way. The referral commissions are on your referrals daily earnings and not their deposit. This program is not listed anywhere too which makes me think the admin does not want to use any monitors or planning on doing it on a later stage. Lets earn good profits everyday 😊

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