0% to 3% Daily from Monday to Friday until reached 200% [Total Accruals on every Saturday](Principal Included)
Min/Max: $300 / No Limit
Referral: Unilevel bonus of 1% to 20% in 11 different levels
Withdrawal: Manual
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Our Investment: $300.00
Payout Ratio: 0%
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Added: Aug 11th, 2019
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I joined a new Long Term Program with Matrix. This program has not done any kind of marketing and i doubt they will do so. A close friend of mine invited me to this platform and I like how they have designed their website along with the plans. The plans are profitable and also a long term in terms of profits to be delievered. I invested a total sum of 300 USD in the "Academy Pack 90". The minimum one can invest is $300 and maximum is $100k. They have different rate of percentage for each Academy pack. Don't get confused by their name as 90 in the investment plan i choose doesn't mean a deposit of $90, it is just a name. They invest part of your invested money into the Trade pool where their experienced traders do their work and help gain the % you can withdraw. When i invested i didn't know they had a minimum withdrawal of $100 so in my case i got to wait for almost a month to get my first withdrawal. Anyways, i will soon update my withdrawal proof when i receive it. Until then we shall wait. The plan in this project is 0% to 3% Daily from Monday to Friday until reached you reach 180% of your principal. The accruals are made on every Saturday which includes all the interest earned from Monday to Friday trading done by their professionals. They also have unilevel bonus of 1% to 20% in 11 different levels. I will post the pdf file here for future refence which might help you understand in detail the points i might have missed. There is also a 20% withdrawal fee. Lets earn stable profits 😊 PDF Presentation -

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