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✅An example of how people with a positive mindset work and achieve high results. It's never too late to start working on your mindset.

Sep 11th, 2023 15:36:43


Henbbo Fund has completed all formal procedures and obtained permission to issue its debit card within the territory of the United States. This event marks another success for our American branch and is a significant step in the company's development in North America.

The Henbbo debit card provides cardholders with direct access to their assets on our platform. Any investor with a stake of $5000 or more can obtain it and use it to pay for goods and services in the USA and other countries where UnionPay payments are accepted. The card accounts are serviced by HSBC Bank, the largest bank in the United Kingdom.

The issuance of the Henbbo card is available to all residents of the USA, regardless of their citizenship or place of residence. To apply for the card, you need to provide personal and contact information to our representative office in New York or do it online. The card manufacturing and delivery are free of charge, with a delivery time ranging from 3 to 4 weeks depending on the region.

As of today, there are already more than 260,000 Henbbo cardholders worldwide. Considering the dynamics and the now accessible potential of the US market, we plan to increase this number to 500,000 by the end of the current year.

Key advantages of the Henbbo debit card:

• Direct access to your funds on the Henbbo platform
• Ability to pay for goods and services in the USA and other countries
• Simple application process
• Low servicing fees

Invest in the cryptocurrency market with Henbbo, receive our debit card for free, and enjoy all its benefits when paying for goods and withdrawing your funds.

Henbbo - smart investments will change your life!

Sep 11th, 2023 15:33:59

✅Ending off PrudTrade

Dear investor, monitor and promoter, We would like to let you know in this way that we are going to stop.

We have tried, but every time we fight against monitors like incredible-earnings.com who do not talk to us, but as soon as he does not immediately receive his own payment, he puts us on a scam. This monitor only thinks about his own wallet and does not think about the damage it causes to us or the investor. So beware of this and do not work with this monitor as an admin of a site or investor.

The reason we are going to stop is that we receive threats every time we will talk bad about you if you do not pay out immediately and that investorsstartpage.com where we are paid VIP did not respond to our emails for a whole day that the status is incorrect SCAM and this cost us 2 days of income. We are also convinced that the damages we have received are enough for us.

We are currently going to calculate everything and see what everyone who is still in the system's principal is. And will pay back as much as possible. However, we request that every investor request insurance from their own monitor before you request us to repay the principal. You can only submit a request if you have made a request to your own monitor and we also want to know the amount received, this will be deducted from what we refund.

If you try to cheat us, we will refuse your request for a refund.

We would like to thank everyone who supported us, from investors, monitors and promoters, to those who forwarded reports, entered into discussions with us and offered help. We will not forget you in the future.

Thank you for everything and who knows, see you in the future.


Sep 8th, 2023 12:50:20


The Henbbo Foundation continues to expand its presence in the Asia-Pacific region. Currently, our efforts are focused on the Japanese cryptocurrency market, and one of the steps in this expansion is the addition of Japanese language support on our investment online platform.

Japan is home to nearly 126 million people, ranking it eleventh in the world by population. The Tokyo metropolitan area, which includes the capital and several nearby prefectures, with a population of over 30 million, is the largest in the world.

In major Japanese cities such as Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, and others, digitalization is widespread. Due to the broad access of Japan's population to the global network, the most advanced digital technologies based on WEB3.0, artificial intelligence, and decentralized networks are being widely adopted here.

Japan previously implemented strict regulations on cryptocurrency trading following two major exchange hacks. As of June 1, 2023, Japanese authorities have also introduced stricter measures to combat money laundering through cryptocurrencies.

Now, Japan's regulatory framework requires cryptocurrency exchanges registered in the country to conduct mandatory customer identity verification, keep client assets separate from company assets, and regularly report to auditors.
Currently, with a stable foundation, Japan is pursuing its own strategy to become a leader in the field of WEB3.0 and blockchain. Thanks to the significant interest from traders, investors, and ordinary users, Japan's cryptocurrency market continues to grow.
All of this makes Japan a highly attractive location for our company to expand its cryptocurrency business and launch various innovative blockchain projects.

HENBBO - Smart investments will change your life!

Sep 8th, 2023 12:50:02

✅Telegram Group for investors

We hope this newsletter finds you well! As we journey into the latter half of 2023, we're continuously focused on transparency and enhanced communication with our investors. In line with this ethos, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Telegram Group for Investors!

Why a Telegram Group?
We believe in keeping the lines of communication open. Telegram offers a real-time, secure, and easy-to-use platform for all of us to engage in meaningful conversations. Whether it’s updates on our latest initiatives, quarterly financial results, or the answer to the frequent "How's the business doing?" question, we want to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

How to Join
Joining our Telegram Group for Investors is as simple as clicking the link below:

Join the Telegram Group - https://t.me/+Ew9883Z5MTEwYzI0

All you need is a Telegram account, and you're in!

What to Expect
Real-time Updates: Be the first to know about our latest developments, straight from the horse's mouth.

Q&A Sessions: Periodic AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with our executive team and industry experts.

Investor Resources: We'll share reports, press releases, and essential materials related to [Your Company].

Exclusive Invites: Get invitations to our investor webinars, presentations, and special events.

Rules and Guidelines
We encourage an open and respectful dialogue. While criticism is welcome, any comments that are disrespectful, offensive, or off-topic will be removed. We ask all members to adhere to the community guidelines set forth upon joining the group.

Need Help?
If you have questions about how to use Telegram or about the group itself, please feel free to reach out to us.

Admin Prudtrade

Sep 2nd, 2023 09:34:09

✅Hello Friends

The .com domain is under technical works. So you can visit the site via .net

What to wait, we must act. If not you yourself no one will help you make the damn money.

Because without it you're nothing and you won't be taken as a serious person.

So get your ass up and get started right now.

Make your family proud of you for giving your family the freedom to live on that money.

Sep 2nd, 2023 09:17:22


Behind us are already 400 days since the launch of the Henbbo online investment platform. It has been a challenging journey, but our team has overcome it with outstanding results.

This achievement was made possible, in part, thanks to the fact that even before the launch of the online platform, our company had been operating in the cryptocurrency market since 2014. This experience has served as a solid foundation for our success. Now, with the help of Henbbo's services, anyone can earn online in the cryptocurrency market alongside us.

As of today, our company has attracted over 790,000 clients from around the world, and the total amount of payouts has reached nearly $180 million. These numbers continue to steadily rise.

The cornerstone of Henbbo's business strategy is providing our investors with the most favorable conditions for staking their assets. To achieve this, we offer several investment plans with varying durations and profitability.

For example, over the past 400 days (286 business days) since the launch, by staking just $1,000 in the Classic investment plan with a daily return of 1.65%, you would have already earned a net profit of over 470%:
1.65% * 286 * $1,000 = $4,719

If you aim for higher returns, you can opt for the Deluxe staking plan. With a deposit of $3,000 over the same 400 days, you could have earned over 1,000% in profit:
3.7% * 286 * $3,000 = $31,746

For investors with even higher expectations, our online platform offers the opportunity to stake under the most advantageous conditions. By using the "Included" option of the Deluxe plan and investing $5,000 for 400 days, your net profit today would exceed your initial deposit by more than 44 times!
15.5% * 286 * $5,000 = $221,650

Don't waste your time; start earning with Henbbo as much as you need!

Henbbo - Smart investments will change your life!

Sep 2nd, 2023 09:15:07


The Henbbo fund is constantly working on improving its services, and today we have great news – we have launched a permanent daily reward for our investors. Now, every day when you log in to your account on the Henbbo online platform, you will receive a gift in the form of H-crystals and a Lucky Box.

Inside the Lucky Box, you will find various gifts from Henbbo, such as cashback to your deposit, additional funds to your account, various bonuses for using platform services, and much more.

Investors can spend H-crystals in a special store where you can acquire additional percentages for your staking, deposit bonuses, continuously active reinvestment percentages, increased referral earnings, and much more.

For investors looking to receive more, we have prepared additional rewards in our super-offer Shiny Lucky Box, which you will receive for opening stakes in Premium and Deluxe plans.

Log in to your personal account every day, collect gifts from Henbbo, and use them on our platform to achieve even greater profit by investing with us!

Henbbo – smart investments will change your life!

Sep 2nd, 2023 09:10:41

✅Ethereum Holds Uptrend Support And Could Aim Fresh Rally To $1,800

Ethereum Price Eyes Fresh Increase

Ethereum’s price started a decent increase above the $1,700 level. ETH climbed toward the $1,750 zone before the bears appeared, like Bitcoin.

A high was formed near $1,747 and the price recently started a downside correction. There was a move below the $1,720 level. It even traded close to the 50% Fib retracement level of the key increase from the $1,640 swing low to the $1,747 high.

However, the bulls are active above the $1,680 level. Ether is now trading above $1,690 and the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average. Besides, there is a connecting bearish trend line forming with resistance near $1,705 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD.

On the upside, the price might face resistance near the $1,700 level and the trend line. The next resistance is near the $1,710 level. A close above the $1,710 level might send the price toward the $1,750 zone. If there is a clear move above $1,750, Ethereum could rise toward the $1,800 resistance. Any more gains might send the price toward the $1,850 resistance.

More Losses in ETH?

If Ethereum fails to clear the $1,710 resistance, it could continue to move down. Initial support on the downside is near the $1,690 level. The first key support is close to $1,680 or the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the key increase from the $1,640 swing low to the $1,747 high.

The next major support is near the $1,665 level. If there is a downside break below $1,665, the price could extend its decline toward the $1,620 level. Any more losses might send the price toward the $1,540 level in the near term.

Sep 2nd, 2023 09:09:12

✅More than 8 million deposits, 10%deposit discount!

Today, we have worked uninterrupted for 239 days and received more than 8 million global membership deposits. This is a memorable day. Since June, our deposit has achieved leapfrog growth, which is a positive and appreciation of investors' work. In future work, we will continue to maintain our work and provide our investors with long -term and safe deposit plans.

In order to give back to our members, we provide 10%of the deposit discounts from August 31st to September 6th.

This offer includes cash deposits and deposits from balance. All deposits discounts will be sent to it within 24 hours after the deposit is confirmed.

For our member's account, you can use discounts to complete the deposit or withdraw troops at any time. If you have any questions in the deposit, please contact our on -site support. We are happy to provide solutions!

Don't forget to join us

If our investors have any questions about deposits, please refer to our common questions and answers (
https://planetaryasset.com/?a=faq), or send an email to us.

Best wishes!
PlanetaryAsset Management Team

Sep 2nd, 2023 09:08:10
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