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Recently, one of our top investors from South Korea visited our Eastern Division office in Shanghai. Despite Mr. Cho Jun So's preference for privacy, he agreed to our request for a brief interview to share his experience with Henbbo.

Hello, Mr. Cho. Thank you for sharing your experience with our company. To start, could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into the crypto business?

Cho Jun So:
Hello! I am Cho Jun So, a crypto investor from South Korea. By education, I am a mathematician and used to teach this discipline at one of the universities in Korea. I have always been passionate about mathematics and finance. In 2015, I learned about cryptocurrency and was immediately intrigued by its potential.

I began studying the topic and soon realized it could be a highly profitable venture. In 2017, during the rapid rise in popularity of Bitcoin, I left my teaching job and started trading cryptocurrency and investing.

Overall, working in the crypto market brought me significantly higher income than teaching. It was a good motivation to continue developing in the digital investment field.

How and when did you learn about the Henbbo investment platform?

Cho Jun So:
Back in 2020, during the COVID pandemic when everyone was staying at home, I started researching the workings of launchpads and investment crypto companies. But I was hesitant to try them - I didn't trust them. That's when I heard about Henbbo. In 2022, I learned that you had launched an online platform accessible to anyone. Additionally, one of my friends had been working with you for about a month.

How did you start working on the Henbbo platform?

Cho Jun So:
My first staking was for just $500 on the minimum 1.65% per day plan - I wanted to personally test how it works. Within a month, I received my first profit of around $230. It was a very good result.

After the first month, I took my work with you more seriously. I went through the contracts and documents, and then opened a staking with $6,000 on a more profitable plan with a 3.7% daily return. For the next 2.5 months, I earned income every working day and immediately withdrew it, totaling over $10,000 in net profit.

I was thrilled - achieving such results in trading would have required much more effort and risk. With Henbbo staking, all I had to do was deposit the funds and, after some time, collect my profit.

Mr. Cho, do you work with other similar services besides the Henbbo platform, such as staking from Binance?

Cho Jun So:
For almost a year now, I have been working exclusively with Henbbo because it offers the most favorable terms on the market and requires minimal effort. Currently, I use only the most profitable plans, the 15.5% daily and Long with a 1400% return over 75 working days. I simply don't see any other offers that compare. From my first 15.5% plan, which I opened with a minimum amount of $5,500, I earned around $20,000 in a month. To be precise, it was $19,550 or something like that - I honestly can't remember the exact amount. I won't disclose the specific amounts I currently have staked and in which currencies - I prefer not to publicize that. I will only say that, at today's exchange rates, this amount is approaching one million dollars.

Mr. Cho, you are one of the top investors at Henbbo. Besides cryptocurrency staking, do you participate in the company's stocks and events?

Cho Jun So:
Yes, thank you. This spring, I achieved the status of a top investor with Henbbo. A pleasant bonus to this was the opportunity to participate in various company events and activities. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of events in general, and I didn't have much experience with such grand corporate events as those at Henbbo before. However, my wife convinced me to attend your first seasonal event in Dubai, after which I somewhat reconsidered my views on it. If you recall, I even wrote to you about it and asked for the dates of the next (laughs) event. The seasonal event in the Maldives is coming up soon, and I'm sure my wife and I will have a great time!

I'm told that was the case, and you did write to our support (laughs). Mr. Cho, could you please share your expectations for working with Henbbo in the near future?

Cho Jun So:
I, and most likely other investors, are looking forward to the launch of Henbbo's coin. With the support of such a platform, I believe it will have great growth potential. Personally, I plan to invest at least 10% of my capital from staking earnings plus my reserved funds into it. I'm confident that it will be a very profitable investment!

I share the same opinion - the company is almost ready to launch its cryptocurrency, and it will be an excellent investment!

In conclusion, what would you like to say to our other investors and those who are just starting their journey in the crypto business?

Cho Jun So:
I believe that the cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy. It's essential to buy promising currencies and hold onto them at these prices. Unlike fiat currency, such as the dollar, the quantity of Bitcoin, for example, is limited, and what is limited and actively used will only appreciate. Therefore, the cryptocurrency market has significant growth potential but is also subject to high volatility. It's important to approach cryptocurrency investments with caution and an understanding of the risks. If you're starting trading, use reputable platforms and always assess the risks. If you're considering staking, then Henbbo stands out with its exceptional returns.

Thank you very much, Mr. Cho, for taking the time to share your experience with our company.

Cho Jun So:
Thank you! See you in the Maldives!

Henbbo - Smart investments will change your life!

Oct 11th, 2023 10:04:36


Henbbo Foundation continues to implement its own development program in a systematic way. As part of this we have added transaction support for DAI stablecoin on our platform.

Unlike most stablecoins, DAI is a decentralized, stable coin. Its value is fully secured by Ethereum tokens, which are frozen in smart contracts when DAI coins are issued.

The uniqueness of the DAI token is in its decentralization. Its issue depends not on the decision of a particular company, but on the desire of users. The issue is not limited by anything and is always backed by an equivalent amount of ETH.

The DAI token can be used for settlement, or to transfer funds. The unused portion of the coins is periodically burned. This stabilizes the exchange rate of the token due to the continued balance of supply and demand.

Use all the features of Henbbo investment platform to get the maximum profit!

Henbbo - smart investments will change your life!

Oct 7th, 2023 21:40:25

✅All users enjoy a 20%deposit discount (5th Oct to 12th Oct)

Starting from October 5th, in the next 7 days, we have provided 20%deposit discounts for all loyal users. This is a huge profit, which means that you have a deposit, and all the deposit plans have increased by 20%.
Since our operation, we have obtained huge profits from the cryptocurrency market, and we will allocate most of the profits we earn for our investors. This is a virtuous cycle, so we will launch some preferential policies from time to time. In previous activities, we also achieved excellent results. Thanks to investors for supporting us.
Of course, as always, all the deposits discounts will increase to your account within 24 hours after the deposit. If you deposit but do not receive the deposit discount, please contact our on -site support as soon as possible!

Pay data check: https://planetaryasset.com/?a=paidout
For any questions, please check "F.A.Q"( https://planetaryasset.com/?a=faq ) here you will get most of the solutions for the majority of problems.
Of course you can contact our live support at any time, we will be happy to provide help!

Best Wishes!
PlanetaryAsset management team

Oct 7th, 2023 21:37:05


The Kingdom of the Netherlands, commonly known as Holland, is a country in Western Europe and islands in the Caribbean Sea with a total population of over 18 million people. Similar to any other country in the Eurozone, the Netherlands' population and businesses extensively utilize the global network, including for financial operations in the cryptocurrency market.

In December 2022, following the FTX crash, the country announced tightening of the regulatory framework concerning the regulation of digital assets. Already in March of this year, the Dutch Financial Markets Authority stated its intention to ensure strict compliance with the new European Union rules regarding cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, the Netherlands is testing and implementing a range of eco-projects related to the crypto industry. For example, not far from Rotterdam, a giant greenhouse is heated using the heat generated during Bitcoin mining. Furthermore, the servers of the Bitcoin farm itself are powered by solar panels, reducing costs and minimizing the environmental impact.

The Henbbo Fund has been closely monitoring the situation with Binance's exit from the Netherlands over the past few months. Starting from last month, our analysts have observed a rapid increase in demand for staking crypto coins among investors, driven by a decrease in similar offerings in the regional market.

This situation will significantly simplify both the entry into the country's cryptocurrency market and the comprehensive deployment of Henbbo services here. Furthermore, support for the Dutch language on the company's official platform will expedite these processes.

HENBBO - Smart investments will change your life!

Oct 7th, 2023 21:34:26

✅After the REFERRAL competition is over, the bonus has been sent! Check, please!

We ended our Referral competition and achieved excellent results. This competition bonus has been sent to the award account.

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Third: Adeadeb (Effective Referral 201) $3000

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Please check the bonuses for the above investors to check the account. Please contact our live support for any questions!

PlanetaryAsset management team

Oct 7th, 2023 21:30:50


In early September, the attention of blockchain enthusiasts was drawn to a competition organized by the Henbbo Foundation for crypto startups from around the world. The competition was highly competitive, and it's no wonder, as participants were vying for an impressive prize pool of $1 million.

The goals of "Blockchain Transformers" were oriented towards finding blockchain projects that could help address the most pressing issues in the crypto sphere. Its final event took place on September 16th at the Roundhouse concert hall in London.

The three winners of "Blockchain Transformers" received significant financial grants that will allow them to refine their projects and bring them to market.

1st place: A whopping $500,000 was awarded to a team from France for their project, which will reduce energy consumption in block generation and cryptocurrency mining.

2nd place: A team from Canada was rewarded with a generous sum of $300,000 for their cross-chain bridge multi-platform project, which enables asset transfers between different blockchains with minimal costs.

3rd place: Developers from South Korea received a respectable prize of $200,000 to develop their cryptocurrency wallet project with a unique multi-level security system and enhanced functionality.

The "Blockchain Transformers" competition brought together many talented individuals in the blockchain industry, showcasing the growing importance and appeal of this truly transformative technology. The final event of this Henbbo initiative in London undoubtedly became a significant occasion, emphasizing the significance of blockchain innovations in the modern world.

Henbbo - Smart investments will change your life!

Oct 7th, 2023 21:25:28


Today, in all industries, we are witnessing a boom in the development of AI-based technologies. Services like ChatGPT, Bard, Midjourney, and others have forever changed our perceptions of the possibilities of interaction and use of AI.

The cryptocurrency market is no exception. Many crypto companies are actively incorporating various AI-driven algorithms for trading and technical analysis, among other applications. One recent standout example of such usage is the launch of the meme coin AstroPepeX (APX).

The developer of this coin integrated the OpenAI API with their own script to automatically create tokens using ChatGPT. This approach allowed them to bypass the chatbot's limitation on deploying a coin.

As a result, a scenario was created where ChatGPT generates a token request, and the script automatically deploys the asset using Open Zeppelin standards. In the first 24 hours, the trading volume of the AstroPepeX (APX) meme coin reached $14 million on Uniswap.

To date, the Henbbo Foundation has already tested several AI use cases in its own business processes. Some of them have been implemented and proven to be effective, with a whole range of similar innovations in the pipeline.

Henbbo invites its investors to earn additional profits by incorporating our company's AI into their commercial projects. As part of this promotion, you can receive an extra bonus to your balance on our platform. This promotional offer is valid for all subscription plans.

Participation conditions for the promotion are as follows:

Classic plans: Receive +1.8% of the deposit amount on your balance.
Premium plans: Receive +4.2% of the deposit amount on your balance.
Deluxe plans: Receive +8.8% of the deposit amount on your balance.
Long plans: Receive +15% of the deposit amount on your balance.

The bonus is credited to the investor's balance in their personal account and is immediately available for withdrawal.
The promotion is valid until 12:00 GMT September 27th.

Henbbo - Smart investments will change your life!

Oct 7th, 2023 21:23:33


Henbbo Foundation continues to expand the functionality of its investment platform. Today we have added support for AVAX coin payments.

The Avalanche cryptocurrency, or AVAX, is a native token of the platform of the same name, which is used to make all transactions on it. The distinctive feature of the AVAX coin is the high speed of transactions, which was achieved thanks to a fundamentally different consensus algorithm.

If, in the case of Ethereum blockchain, all nodes in the network must have the same amount of information, in AVAX a single node interacts with a limited number of the same nodes. Together they form a network, namely the "Gossip Network". This scheme allows for a significant increase in speed.

AVAX token, among other things, has increased the security of the Proof of Stake algorithm. This is achieved by increasing the number of validators - nodes that verify and validate transactions in the blockchain.

Henbbo Foundation aims to provide the most comfortable environment for all users of our platform. We are sure that this will help you to become even more effective and successful together with us!

Henbbo - smart investment will change your life!

Oct 7th, 2023 21:21:36


Not long ago, the Henbbo foundation opened its office on Manhattan in the USA. One of the standout achievements of our American division was the two-day conference "Future of the Blockchain," which took place on September 6-7 in New York.

The event brought together 134 participants from different states, including crypto enthusiasts, professionals, and blockchain industry experts. Our guests were accommodated at The Hotel Chelsea, and the main meetings and presentations took place in one of the nearby halls.

"Future of the Blockchain" provided its participants with a platform to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and challenges facing the blockchain industry. Over the course of two days, participants had the opportunity to engage with experts, share ideas, and establish valuable connections. Key topics included decentralized finance (DeFi), blockchain and its impact on related industries, digital asset management, and more.

Special attention was given to our Henbbo speakers and their developments in cryptocurrency staking, token creation, and the expansion of their ecosystem. The halls and restaurants of the Chelsea hotel served as the perfect venue for more informal discussions and networking.

The "Future of the Blockchain" event was a significant success for Henbbo. In just two days, we signed several contracts totaling $9.6 million. Additionally, many of our guests have become our clients and are now successfully earning in the cryptocurrency market alongside Henbbo.

The blockchain industry continues to evolve, and meetings like "Future of the Blockchain" play a key role in shaping its future. The Henbbo foundation will focus on hosting similar events in the future to continue the exchange of ideas and innovations in the most relevant directions of the crypto business.

Henbbo - Smart investments will change your life!

Oct 7th, 2023 21:19:20


During a speech in Jackson Hole, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell promised to keep inflation at 2%. In light of this, the Fed Chair suggested that the central bank is prepared for further interest rate hikes until inflation approaches the target level.

Following this speech, Bitcoin dropped to $25,942, declining by 0.5% in 24 hours. Major stock indices also followed a downward trend due to the possibility of further tightening by the central bank.

However, faith in Bitcoin as a reliable store of value continues to grow. A recent surge in crypto whale activity confirms sustained interest in the cryptocurrency from wealthy individuals and large organizations. Transactions exceeding $100,000 are averaging 57,400 transactions per week.

All of this reduces the supply of BTC on exchanges, and currently, Bitcoin supply on exchanges has decreased to levels not seen in nearly 6 years. The catalyst for this process was the difficulties faced by the leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, from which investors withdrew around 5,000 BTC worldwide in just one minute.

In such conditions, the law of supply and demand comes into play, which often exerts upward pressure on the asset's price. The combination of these factors can pave the way for a new bull rally, examples of which have occurred in the past.

HENBBO - Smart investments will change your life!

Oct 7th, 2023 21:17:15
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