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0.4 to 0.6% Per Trade and completes within 5+ hours
Min/Max: 0.025 BTC, 1 ETH, 1000 XRP / No Limit
Referral: 2 Levels (7% to 10%) & (3% to 5%) (Referral commissions are earned on your referrals trade profits)
Withdrawal: Instant
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Our Investment: $4,000.00
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Added: Jun 21st, 2020
Monitored: 200 days
Lifetime: 215 days
I joined a new Cloud Arbitrage Program. This platform offers two ways to earn from the platform. You can either use your funds to go in with the "Cloud+" which is the automatic trading or "Cloud" which is the manual trading. I will try to explain here everything as short as possible so its easier to understand. Both Cloud and Cloud+ the minimum trade amount is 0.025 BTC, 1000 XRP and 1 ETH. Right now the program offers only Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum and other coins like LiteCoin & BitCoin Cash to be available on a later stage. To activate Cloud+ you have to pay a 30 days fees of 0.003 BTC. There are also Booster services which are really important to understand and maybe very tricky as well. Here we go, The program offers 3 Booster services, "Starter", "Pro X1" & "Max X2" X4 will be implemented as well but in the future stage (Development) All packages have these features: Up to 15% affiliate bonus Up to 5 orders can be made at once (1 per asset/coin) 20+ Exchanges Email Notifications 24/7 Support available But, just one difference: The number of slots in each booster is different. 1) Starter package is the free package one starts with when they register in the project. In this package you receive 1 slot each asset/coin 2) Pro X1 package is the package you can buy for 0.003 BTC for 30 days. In this package you receive 2 slots each asset/coin Promotional offer: We are lucky to be the early members in the project and the ones who register the soonest receives a Pro X1 package activated in their account for a week (I got 10 days free as I registered and invested early) 3) Max X2 package is the package you can buy for 0.01 BTC for 30 days. In this package you receive 3 slots each asset/coin (I upgraded myself to this package, check below on important points for better understanding of math) Slots: Slots are in short Trades in an easier term. Once you scroll the pointer on top of the screen towards the right side of your username you can see "Available Slots", "Boosts Subscription" and your "Cloud+" whether its active or deactivated. You can see the number of days on the boosters and Cloud+ and the number of slots available in each asset/coin. Right now the program only accepts BTC and ETH hence my dashboard shows total 6 slots available as I am using the Max X2 (To know how I paid less for Max X2 booster check out below no.6) There are some really important points which a member should understand and follow so there are no errors where sending a support ticket would be required. For instance, 1) Make sure each trade, automatic or manual show a positive result before you initiate the trade, in some cases due to market conditions while adding small amount in trades can deliver a negative result. For example: The minimum trade value is 0.025 BTC but even adding 0.035 BTC might show a negative number in profits. (During the first days I went ahead with 0.04 BTC in a single trade as below that number the trade was showing negative result) The bot calculates according the market conditions so be patient and understanding. We are here to make profits but we need to be okay with the mechanics. 2) Boosters and Cloud+ package fees are on a 30 days basis, the money you pay is for 30 days 3) Each trade be it Automatic or Manual competes within -5+ hours. I have my trades completed in 4 hours and 30 minutes as well as 5 hours and 15 minutes, it may differ minutely. 4) Please do not create order in Cloud+ if you already have an active order in Cloud (Manual Trading) or the order will get stuck. You can contact support for taking out of the order early, it could take upto 24 hours. For better explanation, you can only create one trade order at a time for a specific coin. It can be either Cloud or Cloud+ Example: 1 BTC order in Cloud (Manual) is active and you try the Cloud+(Automatic) simultaneously with BTC, the Cloud+(Automatic) bot will accept it for sure but the trade is stuck until the Cloud (Manual) trade is complete which again takes about -5+ hours. 5) "Processing" in the Progress bar of the order means it has started its work 6) During the free booster(Pro x1) activated when you try to buy Max X2 Booster(Cost 0.01 Btc) and upgrade it, it will show cost 0.009 btc which infact is a reduced cost from the Free Pro X1 Booster(Cost 0.003 Btc) pack of 10 days. 10 days Pro X1 boost technically means the project gives free 0.001 Btc as a booster package. 0.1 Btc - 0.001 Btc = 0.009 Btc (hence proved) (Your cost my differ as now they provide 7 days free Pro X1 booster instead of the 10 days I received) Now let's start with Manual Trading. In "Cloud" the project offers their suggestions for Buy and Sell coin pair. I assure you, these suggestions are the best chosen by the bot itself. They are always the highest in sell and lowest in buy pairs. If you don't understand well what I am about to explain and I understand it may get complicated, you can go ahead with the "Suggested Manual Trade Pairs". These pairs are visible just below the manual trade chart. If you plan on selecting the pair you want to construct yourself you need to make sure the trade doesn't show negative results which will be a loss for you instead of a profit like I explained above under important points. While accepting a trade the Cash in, cash out and distribution fees in an order which includes Deposit fees, Taker fees & Withdrawal fees for Crypto to Fiat along with a Wire transfer fee for Crypto. Distribution fees For Partner A & B and the final which are Platform fees. Platform fees are how the project sustains themselves and keeps running for us. The above are just mechanics about how the project works, sustains and you just need to pay heed on the result, which shows positive or negative profit on your trades. Make sure its positive! The program offers Instant withdrawals and charge a 0.0005 BTC, 0.05 XRP & 0.01 ETH withdrawal network fees You can make 0.4 to 0.6% per trade and it changes according to market conditions which may go up (My last trade gave me 0.7% profit) Looking at every single aspect and the progression via advertising and and watching it for a week with my investment I preferred to invest 0.2 BTC to gain all the profits I can. I simply am not a person who will quit soon unless I see some patterns which makes me to. In this case I might see how things progress and how the Admin decides to handle the website in all the direction which will make me decide on increasing my investment further. I won't lie, I wanted to invest ETH as well in here but I need to be extra careful like always and maybe do it on a later stage. The script used by this program is really costly and the template is different. There were similar ideas used recently but we cannot know if its related, my money is on its not related. The admin also focuses on different advertising strategy so I have a really good feeling about this NEW INFORMATION INTO PICTURE: In case you decide to make a manual trade and prefer manual over automatic this following information is solely for you. Example: Wazirx vs Bitfinex - Difference shows in manual 5% Luno ZA vs Bithumb - Difference shows in manual 7% In this case, you can get lower profit if choose Luno ZA vs Bithumb, even with higher price difference. Why? Because the fees is higher on Bithumb as its a Korean exchange. That's the tricky part on manual trading but with Cloud+(Automatic), bot will use the algorithm to choose the best pair with fees calculation. User will always get the best possible profit at that time hence I will always advise you to go with Cloud+ which is now free to members until 31st December 2020 for help in terms with Covid You can check the whitepaper of the program here: In case you need more information you can read the FAQ's as well: There are Youtube videos to help you understand much better: Choosing the exchange and create an order - Create an automatic order - Boosts - Lets gain good profits now and on a long term
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Very Good heatstreak
Dec 7th, 2020 02:10 PM
This arbitrage trading platform has been paying me every alternate days a 3 digit withdrawal with the automated bot and another 3 digit withdrawal on the referral commissions with my huge team The best opportunity ever to make super amazing profits on our

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