Not Paying
3% Daily Until reach 200% (Principal Included)(25% Principal withdraw available on 25th day)
Min/Max: 0.005 BTC / No Limit
Referral: 4 Levels - 5% to 15%, 2%, 1%, 0.5% & 0.5% (Depends on your referrals investment amount)
Withdrawal: Instant
Our Rating:
Users Rating:
Our Investment: $300.00
Payout Ratio: 0%
Last Payout: No Payouts
Added: Aug 25th, 2020
Monitored: 24 days
Lifetime: 25 days
I joined a new Long Term Program. This program has a good plan for certain. They offer 3% Daily until you reach 200% and you have an option to withdraw 25% of your principal on the 25th Day. This way you can reach BEP (break even point) on the 25th day and keep earning 3% daily on the other 75% principal in your account. We have seen Loantech perform well with such plans and we will see how this program performs. When I see the marketing which is done slowly it gives me hope but we all know it all comes to Admin intentions. Minimum investment is 0.005 BTC & Minimum withdrawal are set at 0.001 BTC. I have made an investment of 0.026 BTC, will decide what to do on the 25th day. Until then earning instant withdrawals from here. I received my first 2 withdrawals paid instantly, feels good for certain. The website can be translated to 7 different languages which can be found just below the logo in the home page. This is good feature which helps members to go through the website who are not familiar with English. The best part is the project only accepts BitCoin & Ethereum for now and soon there will be new additions in the payment processors list. This is indeed a very good thing as this shows the program is still in developing stage and there is many stages it will be put forward to. Project has a design which I have seen before but that doesn't make a difference if the plans are good and most importantly Admin intentions are good. I am putting my money in here for a better tomorrow. Program offers 4 level referral commissions which are 5% to 15%, 2%, 1%, 0.5% & 0.5%, The first level referral commission totally depends on your referrals investment amount. The commission chart is as below:- Referrals Deposit Amount: 0.005 Btc - 0.1 Btc Percentage Commission you earn: 5% Referrals Deposit Amount: 0.11 Btc - 0.25 Btc Percentage Commission you earn: 6% Referrals Deposit Amount: 0.251 Btc - 0.5 Btc Percentage Commission you earn: 7% Referrals Deposit Amount: 0.51 Btc - 0.7 Btc Deposit Percentage Commission you earn: 8% Referrals Deposit Amount: 0.71 Btc - 0.99 Btc Percentage Commission you earn: 9% Referrals Deposit Amount: 1 Btc - 2 Btc Percentage Commission you earn: 10% Referrals Deposit Amount: 2.5 Btc - 5 Btc Percentage Commission you earn: 15% There is also a bonus for a bigger team and active members involved under your structure. This is a really profitable part for members who have a big team under them and can make a fortune with this concept. The bonus chart is as below: 50 active = $100 bonus 100 active = $200 bonus 250 active = $500 bonus 500 active = $1500 bonus 750 active = $3000 bonus 1000 active = $5000 bonus 2000 active = $10000 bonus Project also offers a promotional "Lottery" feature which ends on 10th of September 2020 and this lottery is for everyone with or without any active deposit. Achieve 25 active referrals and earn $200 instant bonus. Achieve 50 active referrals and earn $400 instant bonus. Achieve 75 active referrals and earn $600 instant bonus. Achieve 100 active referrals and earn $1000 instant bonus. Once you have achieved any of the set milestones, Kindly send your details (Username and Email address) to support mail address or reach out on any of the available support channels. P.S:- You might have heard some rumors about the project being a copy cat but we need to understand the logic. There are many programs which set up similar plans used by many past projects but this doesn't mean they are run by the same Admin/Team or has any connection to anything whatsoever. In this case we also cannot determine how long a project can run on the basis of some program which had a similar investment plan, it maybe longer or even shorter. I hope everyone of you understand this and grow much wiser when it comes to investing in the online world. Lets gain instant returns now, shall we? ☺️
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Very Good heatstreak
Sep 3rd, 2020 10:13 AM
I invested in here a total of 0.026 BTC This program has a really nice plan which is similar to a running program as well The preparations here look really neat and well done, I also received my withdrawals paid instantly as well They have a discord chann

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